Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners – How to Compose Your Photos, Part 4 of 4

I have written this series of four articles that will help you with your composition in wedding photography. As I stated in the other articles, composition is usually a daunting task. This is made even more challenging once you include a groom and bride for the composition. I ended the last article introducing the concept of balance to composition. To quickly review, I asserted there are lots of elements to some photo. One of these elements has to be the dominant element. The wedding couple is surely an portion of the photo; this doesn’t necessarily should be the dominant element. You can imagine an image where a sunset will be the dominant element, as well as the silhouette of the groom and bride is just a compliment.

Another method to picture this idea has been a photo opportunity we see a good deal in wedding photography: a large blossoming tree. We cannot contain the happy couple in a single half from the photo along with the tree in another half. The tree or perhaps the couple needs to be the real key. Maybe the tree could be the main element and uses up most from the frame, with the couple complimenting the tree on an intersection point. Likewise, if the couple will be the main part of the photo, the tree can certainly still loom over them a little, however it needs to be out of focus in order to not vie for equal attention.

To end this number of articles concerning wedding photography composition, I am going to mention two techniques that will further enable you to. The first is framing your groom and bride with something inside the photo. A doorway, window or pagoda, etc., can be utilized inside the photo to frame your couple. You can see it a lot in photos of your bride wearing make up having a mirror inside the photo utilized to frame her face. Be creative with this technique and rehearse interesting objects or shapes as framing devices.

The second technique is using leading lines for your happy couple. Imagine a pair of train tracks in an image employed to lead the viewer to consider the topic at the end in the tracks. These lines are leading the eye on the subject. At a wedding a railing could possibly be composed in order that it leads a persons vision for the wedding couple. As with all the technique above I encourage you to definitely use your imagination using this type of. The object used doesn’t have to be a straight physical object; it could possibly suggest the idea of a line. It might be the way in which everyone is positioned, such that they seem to form a line. Or in an industry of flowers, you could recognize that there are flowers from the same color that produce a line that leads to your couple. Again, let the creativity flow and enjoy yourself using these techniques.

I we do hope you enjoyed these four articles on wedding composition and discovered them useful. Thanks again for reading!