Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks

Take your role seriously along with overdo it

By definition, you’re a GUEST Wedding Photographer, so you are certainly not the principal wedding photographer. It is the primary wedding photographer’s main obligation to document the full shebang. He is the lead pack, so he has got the first bite. Rather than competing with him, try and view yourself as his partner.

Complement, not rival, his work with your own personal. When he’s out capturing in the groom and bride’s first kiss, go out and take pictures of the teary-eyed relatives watching them. Try to get out of his responsibility circle to see other subjects he could struggle to capture. This way, more quality jobs are done and fewer redundancy, let alone elbow wars is avoided.


Yes, socializing is the greatest strategy to being able to see minute details that this photographer may have missed. The main photographer will likely be busy centering on bride and groom’s every move. Guests, regardless of whether they’re a part of entourage or are good friends, should take a close second.

So, maneuver around. Mingle with folks. Take candid photos. Try different angles. And vary subjects in the guests on the buffet table towards the bridesmaids dancing. The couple will surely appreciate what took throughout their wedding after they’ve leave their spell and take time to browse those photos.

Whereas the marriage was intimate and romantic, the wedding ceremony reception is a time to exposed and convey loudly guffaws. Capture those moments. Try to photograph each table regardless of whether bride and groom aren’t around.

Be Discreet

Again, try and respect bride and groom’s day however, not taking the spotlight from them or distracting them from more valuable matters. Wear suitable clothes for the event. You’d want something can blend in with the couple’s theme and dress code. Research beforehand what this might be and balance this with comfort and looseness to allow you more room to adopt difficult angles.

Do not use flash during the wedding ceremony ceremony itself. Even if the church has low lighting, attempt to compensate this rich in ISO.

Lastly, try not to be too obtrusive of the couple’s most intimate of moments. Don’t tag along when they discreetly move out of the party place and unto their honeymoon. They would need to be alone during these moments. A photograph of it is more daunting than rewarding in the long run. Good luck for you!