Wedding Photography Tips – A Good Assistant Can Help Improve Overall Quality

Having an excellent assistant together with you with a wedding shoot provides benefits that may improve the quality of your finished images. First, an assistant on the shoot enhances your professionalism, and will assist you in key ways for one to be more relaxed and much more confident. Secondly, using an assistant to assist you together with your lighting makes it easier to improve the direction of one’s main and fill lights. Lastly and most importantly, a lighting assistant is a person there to help you in case something goes wrong.

Having a lighting assistant with you on the shoot gives an air of professionalism for a business should you two perform together as being a dedicated team. A way to do this would be to be sure your photo assistant is usually busy. This means your assistant is busy handing which you lens or filter or battery, busy establishing your lighting, busy ensuring that you didn’t leave anything behind, etc. If the two of you work nicely together people will notice. This sense of teamwork shows that you two have plenty of experience cooperating and will concentrate on capturing some great images. Another way an assistant enhances your professionalism is always that a great assistant might help try taking a little with the stress off you, and you also therefore appear more calm and confident. For example, I ask my assistants with an eye for detail. This means that when I am posing people, my assistant actively seeks details (smooth out the groom’s jacket, arrange the bride’s dress nicely, be sure there is nothing for the ground in frame, etc.) Sometimes after I take a few pictures I realize all my camera settings are off and also the pictures are not being released the best way I want. To try taking some on this stress of me I tell my assistant to watch out for details. As my assistant goes over and seeks small details using the bridal couple, I am busy determining just what the problem is with my camera. Knowing the bridal couple is occupied, and not just waiting on looking forward to me to figure out the situation with my camera seems much less stressful around the wedding ceremony.

Another way I use my assistant over a wedding shoot is usually to help me using the lighting. I shoot lots of weddings on the beach, and need to use lots of fill light depending around the period. I use my assistant just like a living light stand. During the ceremony, we are going around quietly, and I tell my assistant best places to stand and where you can point the strobes. This way I can directly control the lighting without having to move the light stand around every half a minute. Likewise, if were inside I have him bounce the strobes. As I am creating for a shot I just indicate a wall or corner and tell my assistant to bounce the light so it lands where I need it to. Sometimes my assistant is going to be holding a handle with 3 strobes attached. Not having to bother with positioning these lights on the stand is often a big plus for me personally. My assistant is additionally mindful of battery levels out of all strobes, one less thing I need to think about.

Lastly, I see my assistant like a lifeline if something fails. One time I was shooting some portraits of the couple, and something of my radio triggers for my strobe wasn’t working. This trigger was necessary to this portrait. I decided to remain to shoot pictures in the couple in a very different spot with great directional day light, while I left my assistant to ascertain if he could fix the trigger. It turns out that he actually necessary to open the trigger with a screwdriver and move something in it. He had it fixed by the time we’ve got back. This is something I could not need taken enough time to complete myself. The couple would not even realize there were this concern. It just seemed natural for them to move around and change locations. A more significant issue happened on another occasion. On this day my camera stopped working early in wedding. I changed to my back camera, which can be a lower quality model, and quickly sent my assistant in the auto to gain access to another camera body from the friend of mine who happened to reside in close by the marriage venue. He was back within half an hour, and I was able to shoot the majority in the wedding with the good quality camera.

Good luck!