Wedding Photography Tips – 4 Tips to Ensure You Get the Best Images of Your Wedding Cake

Weddings cakes are probably the priciest cake you will ever purchase. You’ll want to make sure you have some great images to recollect it by. Many cake shots can be static and boring, but below are a few tips from your photographer’s viewpoint that will help you obtain the best pictures of the cake along with the cake cutting on your own wedding day:

Try not to squeeze cake under an exit sign. Every shot, both professional and guest, may have the logon the history and this will become the centerpiece rather than the bride and groom.

Also try to never put the cake inside a corner. Your photographer won’t be able to obtain a good angle when you are cutting the wedding cake and it’ll be very crowded around you. You want some space and separation between you plus your guests and that means you don’t end up lost in the sea of faces during the cake cutting.

Do be sure to give your photographer the required time to get a few great detail shots of one’s cake before you cut in it, regardless of whether this is the right off the bat you do at the reception. This is an once in a lifetime cake for you plus your photographer may wish to ensure its documented.

Make sure your photographer knows ahead of the guests when the dessert cutting will likely be happening. This way they may have time to obtain an inside a great position for the event and not maintain the guest’s way. Ensuring either you or your coordinator turns into a day of schedule for your photographer should go further in preparing them.