Tips and Ideas for Making Your Wedding Cake Unique

Wedding cakes aren’t all they used to be. They’re more. To find a fantastic wedding cake, it is vital to consider unique shades fit, flavor, and decorations. Here are tips and ideas to make your wedding reception cake unique.


Round or square: round and square cakes are the most traditional. They might be made unique by finding various ways to showcase them or put them together. Try a square gift cake with each layer wrapped in fondant icing to resemble a present.

Hexagonal cakes are better unique. They have several sharp edges and will be piled high for any unique looking cake.

A petal cake has scalloped edges, but doesn’t need to resemble a flower. Use stripes and contrasting colors to make use of this contour around its highest advantage.

A French design for a wedding cake is a tier of marzipan- or cream-filled pastry piled high to look like a tree or tower. While popular worldwide, it is not as well-known in the United States and will be unique at the wedding there.

A topsy-turvy cake has alternating, slanted layers. It looks as being a cake Alice could have within Wonderland. Designs like this one stand above the crowd.

A good way to come up with an unique wedding cake would be to make one from your freeform design. Have a cake shaped like an apple, a face, a major city, or a garden. These kinds of cakes have grown to be very popular as shows like Ace of Cakes bring them to the limelight.


There so many unique flavors, they only need to be listed. Wedding cakes come in these and hundreds of other flavors: almond, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, walnut, cardamom, ginger, lavender, cheese, lemon, chocolate/peanut butter, cookies and cream, licorice, chocolate and raspberry, banana, pina colada, coconut, tres leches, chocolate mint, lemon with raspberry filling, red velvet, marzipan raspberry, lemon poppyseed, pumpkin, mocha, carrot, chocolate zucchini, blueberry, cherry, caramel, peach, bavarian creme, boston creme, mocha, orange creamsicle, cherry chocolate chip, hazelnut cream, Mexican chocolate, and caramel apple. Choose one or even more flavors per tier of cake to provide guests a distinctive culinary experience.


Choosing unique decorations for a wedding cake is the one other approach to set it apart through the pack. Wedding toppers aren’t pretty much wedding couple figurines anymore. Put a snow globe or sculpted tree atop your cake. Decorate the cake with live, stenciled, or sculpted flowers. Photographs in the bridal couple might be changed into icing images and layered around the edges to get an unique design. For something really different, make entire cake a sculpture itself of books, a car, a tree, or even a bust of the bride.

Break the mold

Who says being married cake must be layers of fluffy cake with cream and icing? Choose cheesecake, sundae bar, individual tarts, chocolate covered fruits, fruit sculpture, tiramisu, or a tower of petit-fours for your wedding reception “cake” plus your guests will talk for the about your unique choice of wedding cake.

Whatever you decide on, allow it to be something you’ll enjoy. A wedding is all about celebrating the individuality and also the union in the bridal couple. Choose flavors, decorations, and design the two of you love, as well as your cake will be a hit.