Sub-Tropical Wedding Photography Tips

After years of taking photos in Florida, I have realized that most sun-drenched sub-tropical paradises are in fact a major challenge to the average novice photographer. If you or a friend or acquaintance is likely to shoot a significant wedding without professional help, please send them this url to make certain that they understand what they are stepping into.

Here is what anyone enthusiastic about shooting wedding photos in sub-tropical paradises like Florida needs to know:

It is hot and muggy – OK, this one sounds like a given unless you really think about. How long is it possible to have people waiting on expecting everything to become suitable for that ideal shot? Not that long. So, this leaves you with some circumstances to detract: be prepared before people arrive, have contingencies covered, expect you’ll shoot in bursts, and possibly consider some kind of hardware in order to avoid the elements from ruining the shot. If all else fails, provide an air-conditioned (not swamp cooled!) trailer nearby you can use to keep everyone from transient rainstorms.

Water is magical, especially on slower shutter speeds – There is just something magical about water; it brings life, it’s the mother, which is certainly romantic…especially on slower shutter speeds. The groom and bride is just about the ideal couple to shoot standing perfectly still before a waterfall or even the beach because the waves roll in. Be careful to not shoot with an angle that can capture tall waves for surfers simply because this will ruin the effects.

Water can also be magical at high shutter speeds – Want to capture a wonderful water demonstrate that says: love conquers all? If your region has breakers, contain the wedding couple emerge to some extent the place that the waves break from the rocks and then leave spray and prepare yourself to shoot low to high which has a fast shutter speed. Unfortunately, this is very rare to find right with anything apart from ideal lighting conditions.

Watch the next thunderstorm, not the next thunderstorm report – Meteorologists are educated guessers by nature, however their guesses are not in comparison with your own personal eyes. This is doubly true when you are considering an investigation that is several hours old because the tropics and sub-tropics are known for their complex weather patterns that bring about seemingly random weather.

Bring your of them – Bring a practical system for your job, every one of them. This includes lenses and lighting tools because you can’t say for sure what the elements will throw at you.