Digital Wedding Secrets – Some Cool and Easy Tips For Taking Great Wedding Photos

So, you would like to certainly be a wedding photographer, eh…

Good thing you see this article then, because on this page I’ll spill a few of my best digital wedding secrets.

You see, weddings are (most of the time) an once-in-a-lifetime experience and when there’s anyone who can not afford to screw up, it’s you – the photographer… (Obviously, the priest, the most effective man along with a whole bunch of other people will need their act together, but we’ll leave that for an additional article).

So, exactlty what can you do to ensure this glorious day run as smooth as you possibly can?

Here’s some suggestions for ya:

Digital Wedding Secret #01: Be prepared!

A day or two before the big event, have a take a moment using the happy couple. Talk to them relating to expectations and make sure to possess a sheet of paper along with a pen handy.

When you allow their residence, you need to use a list of every one of the people attending the wedding ceremony and who the couple would like to have taken their photo with.

Imagine the horror, in the event you realized that you forgot to consider a photo from the bride’s grandma…

Digital Wedding Secret #02: Have a Backup Camera!

If possible, have a very backup camera together with you to the marriage. All type of stuff can occur if the lightning strikes along with your camera went dead, it would be described as a disaster.

Therefore, make sure you have another camera handy. It doesn’t have to be described as a SLR camera or anything, maybe slightly pocket camera. It’s superior to having nothing.

Also be sure you have sufficient batteries, memory cards, lenses and lightning.

Digital Wedding Secret #03 – Remember That You’re The Boss!

At a marriage there’s always lots of guests with cameras. And they all want to look at that perfect shot. Sometimes, you WILL have to ask individuals to move.

You ought to always be polite and nice for the guests, however, not whatever it takes.

Remember, that you’ll only have ONE chance of getting everything right. If someone is blocking your view, don’t await these phones move. Ask them.