8 Summer Decoration Ideas for Your Beach Wedding

Weddings are always an exciting event, but a beach wedding has a little more flair and fun than most. The ocean surrounds you and the breeze keeps you cool. The sand is soft and the sun sets the perfect mood. Maybe you’re even wearing your wedding dress, or you’ve dressed in a suit. Here are 8 simple but fun decoration ideas for your beach wedding.

Beach-inspired Decorations

If you’re planning a beach wedding, you should certainly decorate your tent with beach-inspired décor. This comforter head will perfectly create the atmosphere you’re looking for. It would be ideal for any type of beach or boutique wedding.

Balloon art is always a crowd pleaser. Consider decorating the ceiling with colorful balloons. Instead of purchasing bags, make your own. This simple activity will create a unique and beautiful touch to your beach wedding.

Batik is an ancient Indonesian art form. What better way to incorporate this traditional art form into your wedding than through hand-printing. Make stationery an interactive component of your wedding.

Seashell Centerpieces

This beach wedding centerpieces idea is one of the simplest, but effective. All you need to do is gather seashells from the ocean. You can make these as a centerpiece on the table with a little beach-themed glitter and fillers.

You can paint, emboss or burnished the shells so that they reflect the colors of your wedding. Use chalk as a way to outline the shells, or if they are too big, you can glue them to mason jars.

You can make this an inexpensive craft by gathering a few packs of seashells in bulk and using a home décor store to find the rest of your supplies.

Add some light to your beach wedding. Consider installing decorative lighting in your venue for your reception. You can either purchase these or make them yourself using simple craft supplies.

Beach Themed Chairs

Choose upholstered chairs with woven or knotted straws for a beach themed wedding. These wicker chairs, typically found in the banquet room of most hotels and beachside restaurants, add a fun beach theme to your wedding. Plus, this wicker set usually comes with beach towels and a bucket and shovel, too!

Bring a beachy feel to your reception by using oversized beach umbrellas in the background. If you prefer a retro feel, use beach umbrellas that have the names of your guests written on them. Decorate with beach ball lights or driftwood lanterns in jars to add to the beach theme. Fire up the fire pit for the perfect romantic glow for the night.

Sand Sculptures

Book a professional sand sculptor. Two professionals in Las Vegas offer sand sculpting at a fantastic price. You can get the feel of a real beach by choosing a place that is near one, and then invite some guests to join you there.

Walk along the shore to put down sand as an aisle to walk your bridal party down. Pick out an aisle runner and table runners and arrange the guests in front of the line, family members on one side, and closest friends and family on the other.

Arrange bouquets of palm trees, flowers, or shells around the edge of the aisle runner. Use a wooden skewer as a tie to the corner. Make a bouquet of golden flowers (often called wedding flowers, though these are used in any type of wedding), and arrange them in a row by the front door of the reception area.

An Ocean-blue Tablecloth

The ocean as the backdrop of your wedding day is pretty much a given. A backdrop that reflects and looks like an endless ocean will make your day more beautiful than any ball gown. Get creative and find a pretty beach cloth to go over your table.

Put a candle or a small floral arrangement on it. You can also go with a white backdrop for your picture, if you have one. Create a path that takes guests along the beach. A great idea is to use that arch from “The Lion King” to extend the arch to create a path leading to your sand covered patio and the ocean.

Take photos at the end of the path and then walk through the arch. If you’ve watched “Frozen,” then you’ll know the magic of these lights.

A Bouquet Of Seashells

Tossing small seashells into your bouquet adds a casual element that complements any type of wedding. For a more formal wedding, use the shells as votive candles, floating in your guests’ wine glasses.

I suggest splurging on a beach tent for your wedding venue. A simple two-person tent provides plenty of space for a few chairs and table décor, while an all-inclusive zip-up tent is perfect for having a bonfire on the beach after your ceremony.

Don’t have a beach wedding? No worries. Your guests will still have fun in the sand. Treat them to a tropical themed bistro meal with ocean-theme menus and plates. You can even use seashell trays to serve your food.

Seashell Votives

These super-simple seashell votives make an impressive addition to your wedding. Simply place the shells into candle holders with beeswax to seal in the wax. Simply adding the shells before the ceremony will create a great sparkle.

Dress your beach wedding songs in a similar way to a traditional wedding service. Music is playing on a speaker or played through a portable audio system. Guests can simply make a contribution by clapping along. Some beach wedding music ideas are “Here Comes The Sun,” “Coconut Julie” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Simply stick together two large plastic bags or tinfoil, then fill with sand. Cut to desired shape and soak with some beeswax. Set it on a platter as a centerpiece or simply place in a vase.

Seashells In The Wedding Cake

Decorating your wedding cake with seashells will create an eye-catching and beautiful centerpiece. And who doesn’t love a wedding cake with a surprise seashell on the top? This keepsake keepsake will be treasured for years to come.

If you’ve thought about a surf and turf wedding then you’ll love these parasols. There’s a rainbow of colors to choose from, like blue, yellow, pink, green and more. They’re fun for both wedding receptions and beach weddings.

A surfboard collecting ornament is a great way to display something unique and interesting. This little ornament can be placed on your table as you’re seating your guests. The idea is to create a memorable wedding event with something that’s truly unique to your wedding.