5 Tips for Decorating Your Church for a Wedding

There are many reasons to have your wedding at a church, but there are also some challenges. Church weddings are very different from other types of weddings because of that sacred space. There are a ton of ways to decorate your church for a wedding, and this article will cover five of the best tips.

5 Tips for Decorating Your Church for a Wedding

If you are a member of a church, you may be wondering what your church does when someone gets engaged. Are you required to invite them to a wedding? How does your church handle requests for photos? And more importantly, how do you decorate for these weddings?

Decorating for a wedding is not a task for amateurs. Don’t be intimidated by the process or think it’s going to be expensive or time consuming. Follow these tips and get started. Asking people at your church how you can decorate for a wedding is the best way to begin your decorating plan. It’s not enough to simply show up with a bridal magazine or a couple of cans of paint.

Use a Theme

There is no rule or best way to do church decorating, but there is a big trend that is trending right now that’s wonderful for any church, wedding or not. Some churches have themes that are fun and like nothing else, but that’s all fine and good.

A theme is just a guideline, and you have many creative options in which to implement. Some churches choose to have a couple of different themes for the wedding itself. The bridal party will most likely be in white, the ceremony will be in white and the reception will be in ivory.

In some churches, the pastor dresses up like the bride or groom, and in some churches the bridal party has some kind of theme as well. Make Your Space Look Its Finest The best thing about church décor is that your church can be whatever you want it to be.

Utilize the Altar

Because the altar is usually a central part of the church, it will most likely get the most attention. It might be best to utilize the altar to your advantage when decorating for your wedding. Most religious weddings will have a dedication or blessing, so when it comes time to tie the knot, the altar will become the backdrop.

You can use a fun votive candle or even center it on a very small table. This will ensure that the altar is the centerpiece of your ceremony. The altars of most churches have picture boards, so you can create a new piece of décor if you simply use them as a backdrop for your wedding.

Choose a Color Scheme

This is probably the most obvious tip, but it is also the easiest. Choose a color scheme for your wedding that works well with the style of your church.

For example, if the color scheme of your church is brown, incorporate more brown into your décor. Similarly, if your church is white with red accents, then white décor is the best choice.

Flowers are very important at any wedding. At the church wedding, it is even more important because there is a view of the altar from the front rows. If you want a gorgeous floral display, then you will have to find the right suppliers. Decide on a Theme If you are planning your wedding at a church, you can theme it around a specific faith.

Consider the Budget

In today’s economy, it’s a smart move to invest in a church that will save you money. If the idea of a wedding is too expensive for your budget, you can have a simple ceremony at home. However, if you’re determined to have a church wedding, you need to plan ahead.

Consider the theme of the wedding, the venue, the decorations, and other things that you may want to invest in. Don’t Be Too Rebellious Let your pastor know about your vision for your wedding, but don’t get carried away and be too stubborn.

You don’t want to pay thousands of dollars just to have your wedding ruined by a change of heart and your pastor takes on the role of the event planner. Instead, let your pastor know your vision for the wedding and let them come up with a plan to accomplish your goals.


Decorating your church for a wedding will take some creativity, some of which you’ll probably already have. Decorating your church will not be perfect, but neither is your wedding. As long as you use a level of perfectionism to keep everything out of perfectionism, you will be fine.