4 Ideas for a Romantic Garden Wedding

Your wedding needs to be an unforgettable celebration. From the flowers, to the music, and to the decor – make your ceremony feel as romantic as the bride and groom love it! If you’ve a lovely garden, pergola or patio in the backyard of yours, then it’s no surprise that you could be thinking of getting your wedding at home.

Having a wedding party at home creates a degree of comfort and intimacy to this particular day that not one other venue is able to match. Imagine having the ability to stroll down the aisle and point out your vows in the convenience of the own home of yours, surrounded by the appeal of the own garden of yours.


When your garden is actually abundant with tropical vegetation and lush, lustrous foliage then attempt hiring bamboo or maybe solid wood chairs to blend together with your current teak decking or perhaps pergola. Think about decorating with frangipanis, bougainvillea or hibiscus. You might show bougainvillea in higher gloss, ceramic pots or maybe beautiful hanging baskets. These blossoms lend a touch of delicacy and colour to a tropical design.

Based on the blossoms you choose, you are able to tie in the colour with a few ribbons or maybe decorations such as yellow and white for frangipani, or maybe magenta and purple for hibiscus or bougainvillea.

Serve you canaps on whitening trays lined with banana actually leaves to mirror lush greenery of the garden of yours and type the outskirts with tiki torches for a gentle, tropical glow. If you’ve a swimming pool, spread in floating candles or some flowers to actually put in a touch of romance.


A cottage garden is going to suit many suburban garden options, particularly in case you’ve a white pergola. Flowers as lavender, roses, Ficus and box hedges will all look fantastic. A cottage garden wedding is going to need white chairs as well as table clothes, with traditional touches as rose bouquets as well as candles. Serving drinks and food on antique china will be a great touch.

Fairy lamps add romance, strung all around the outskirts of the garden as well as inside the tent.


When your garden is actually sleek and modern, and then maybe an extremely minimalist style wedding will match. Maybe you’ve a wooden or tiled deck or maybe terrace, dotted with Australian natives or succulents. This appearance is going to lend itself to blossoms that you employ or maybe pot yourself for example bird of paradise, frangipani, lilies or perhaps possibly something special like wattle, flannel blossoms or perhaps waratahs.

Lighting can be a feature in a stylish environment but prevent it subtle. Look for smooth, up lit or perhaps recessed lighting. If you would like candlelight, then use big pillar candles perched on more than sized deep wooden stands. Colours for decorations as well as table options must be dynamic and strong oranges, purples or reds.


If the back yard of yours is actually a melting pot of variety and colour, then a bohemian like wedding might match your backyard wedding. You are able to pick from any colours so long as they’re attractive and accessory with shimmering ribbons as well as sheer, moving curtains. Use candles and fairy lighting to provide the garden of yours an inviting glow.

Do not be scared to combine and match anything in the ribbons, tablecloths, glasses and plates. The bohemian design is thought to search thrown together and comfy. Decorate the patio with lighting effects and attempt to fill empty areas with pots of luxurious ferns as well as chairs with cosy soft cushions.